Keep Your Old Fruit for the Birds

If you leave your apples in the fruit bowl too long and they start to go over don’t commit them to the green bin, put them on your lawn for the birds instead.

Blackbirds in particular like nothing more than to peck their way through an apple, pear, peach or just about any other fruit they can get their beaks on.

A female blackbird eating half an apple.
An apple a day keeps blackbirds in your garden.

If the fruit in question is particularly ripe then you can just throw it on the lawn as it is, if it’s still a little firm cut the fruit in half to expose the flesh inside. Before you know it you’ll have blackbirds hopping urgently across your lawn to make short work of your unwanted fruit.

A Blackbird is Not Just For Winter

Obviously a piece of fruit is going to be particularly well received in the dead of a frozen winter but don’t forget feeding birds in the Spring and Summer is also extremely important. At these times of year birds are busy raising their young and need food not just for their chicks but also for themselves. A quick easy meal such as half an apple is going to allow them to feed quickly giving them more time and energy to find the specific and often harder to find food that their chicks require.

A male blackbird eating an apple.
This blackbird has a beak-full of extra ripe granny smith.

Give it a go but just remember it’s a good idea to leave this fruit in the middle of your garden away from any cover that could provide a predator such as the local neighbourhood cat with the opportunity to spring an ambush.

It’s not just blackbirds who like a quick fruit snack. This starling has been momentarily distracted from the pear behind him.
The local EverythingNotHuman Blackbirds love apples, pears and nectarines. Let us know if you’ve had success with any other fruits.

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