Leave Areas of Your Lawn Unmown for Wildlife

You’ve probably heard about “No Mow May” which gives lawnmowers everywhere a well-earned rest every spring, if not you can find out more about “No Mow May” here.

This single month of unhindered growth gives your lawn a great chance to flourish and reveal the many species of plants and other wildlife that live within it.

Overworked and underappreciated.

Mini Jungle

The benefits of a wild, uncut area of lawn are many…

  1. It looks great.
    A wild area adds movement and colour to your garden as grasses sway in the wind and wildflowers bloom.
  2. It’s great for invertebrates.
    The extra vegetation is like a mini jungle for invertebrates providing them with an ideal environment whilst the flowers that soon follow provide a vital food source for bees and other nectar-loving insects.
  3. It’s great for larger wildlife too.
    All this extra invertebrate activity is also great news for the larger wildlife in your garden. Any nearby nesting birds are provided with a great source of food for their hungry chicks whilst hedgehogs and toads have somewhere new to forage.
  4. You spend less time mowing.
    You and your lawnmower have less work to do.

No Mow Forever

With all these advantages, why stop on June the 1st?
Why not leave a section of your lawn to grow free all year round?

A bit of un-mown lawm
Uncut grass, a much needed haven for wildlife.

Leaving your whole lawn to run wild is probably not going to be practical but if you have a quiet corner of your garden, why not leave it to its own devices. If you’re worried about larger plants taking over you can mow once in the early autumn to keep them at bay.

Even small areas of uncut lawn provide huge benefits to wildlife and in return, you’ll soon be treated to a host of new visitors to your garden season by season.

Get Creative

Of course, you don’t have to stick to just a quiet corner, why not make your un-mown lawn sections a feature.

If you can think it you can mow it.
Unleash your creative side and make your lawn stand out by leaving different shapes on your lawn, create paths or even cut yourself a maze, the choice is yours.

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