Pseudeuophrys lanigera – The House Jumping Spider

The pseudeuophrys-lanigera jumping spider
The Pseudeuophrys lanigera casts a hideous shadow but don’t worry, unless you’re a 2mm long dust mite, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

This is a picture of a spider called Pseudeuophrys lanigera from the Salticidae family known as Jumping Spiders. Its name is apparently derived from the Latin for ‘death monster’ which seems a somewhat disproportionate name for a small furry spider just 4 or 5mm in length although, to be fair, if you were a few millimetres in size yourself then the name would probably be altogether more appropriate.

If you’re struggling with the pronunciation of this spiders name, don’t worry, Pseudeuophrys lanigera is also sometimes known by the easier moniker of the House Jumping Spider.

This particular one appears to be a female as it doesn’t have the dark, enlarged front legs that males of the species posses.

Whilst watching this particular spider and corralling it in to position to take the above picture  it occasionally lived up to its family name and jumped so quickly as to appear to teleport small distances.

They achieve these incredible jumps hydraulically by changing the pressure of fluids within their body to produce sudden bursts of power.

Sunny Side Up

The rather disturbing shadow cast by the spider in this image is the result of a wash of early morning sunshine which allowed the picture to be taken without the use of a flash.

It seemed unfair to subject this tiny spider to a camera flash that would probably have caused great distress if not permanent damage to the spiders array of 8 highly sensitive eyes.

The Salticidae family of spiders are known to have very acute eyesight which combined with their impressive jumping powers make them accomplished  hunters.

They use there silk to aid their movement and also to build nests for young but do not build a web relying instead on their dexterity to catch prey.

This species and the closely related Zebra Jumping Spider (which as the name suggests has a more stripey appearance) can often be seen hunting on walls both inside and outside buildings during the summer months.

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  1. I have one House Jumping Spider in my room. Named him Marathoni cause the spider walks around every time i look at her ^^
    She is very cute and so tiny.
    Love to watch her.


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