Indian Volunteers Plant 66 Million Trees in One Day

This is an encouraging story emerging from Madhya Pradesh state in India where a staggering 1.5 million people planted 66 million saplings along the banks of the Narmarda river.

The Narmarda River
Things should start to look a lot greener on the banks of the Narmarda river now it’s flanked by 60 million saplings.
Image: By Hariya1234 – Own work, CC BY 3.0,
This tree planting is part of an initiative that will help India to achieve their commitment to the Paris Agreement to increase their area of forests by 5 million hectares in the next 13 years.

Bragging Rights

It sounds like as well as a super human act of conservation there may also be a touch on oneupmanship going on here as last year the Indian state of Pradesh planted 50 million trees in one day.

The Guinness Book of Records are expected to confirm Madhya Pradesh’s efforts so, for now, bragging rights will go to them for their sheer rate of planting.

Much respect and gratitude of course goes out to both states and India itself for what is a truly heart warming and encouraging achievement.

Hard Work

Not only is the sheer number of planted trees impressive but given that 1.5 million people planted 60 million trees between them that’s an impressive 44 saplings each.

Let’s hope this kind of initiative kicks off across the rest of the world.

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