Stop the Plastic – Reuse Your Fruit and Veg Bags

Charging 5p for plastic shopping bags became law throughout the UK with England being the last nation to adopt the policy in 2016. Since this time there has been a dramatic drop in the number of shopping bags consumed which is very positive news for the environment.

Go One Step Further

Most people are now used to taking reusable shopping bags to the supermarket but you can go one step further by also reusing the fine cellophane bags you find in the fresh produce section.

Not only are these bags bad for the environment but they also have the extremely annoying characteristic of being near impossible to open.

A box of supermarket fruit and veg bags.
Moisten your finger tips and gather your resolve, it’s time to open a fresh fruit and veg bag.

The next time you finish your spuds or turn out your apples into the fruit bowl keep the bags and put them with your shopping carriers to reuse next time you visit the supermarket.

Not only does this benefit the environment but you’ll also save yourself some time as on second use these bags are far easier to open.

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