Wildlife is in Critical Decline

Since 1970 the population of humans on this planet has more than doubled, in the same time frame, the population of all animal life on earth has decreased by 68%.

In the UK alone the common toad has declined two-thirds in just 30 years and hedgehog numbers have plummeted from 30 million in the 1950s to around 1.5 million today.

Perhaps even more alarming is the collapse of insect populations around the world. A study in Germany has shown a 75% decrease in the number of flying insects in only 27 years.

The picture in the UK is no less bleak, and visibly so, many will remember the sight of moths in the headlamps whilst driving along country lanes in the 1970s and 80s or the covering of squashed insects on headlamps after a motorway journey. This is no longer the case, most of these insects are now gone.

A bumble bee on a flower.

These are just a handful of examples that illustrate the desperate plight of the wildlife with whom we share this planet. It appears that the governments of the world are content to carry on talking whilst setting environmental targets that offer too little too late.

But…we can all make a difference by helping nature whenever and wherever we can.

Here at Everything Not Human we just want to spread the word and give people ideas on how they can help the wildlife around them. We plan to add more ways to help as often as we can over the coming months.


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